The Great Blume Migration.

03/17 2017

It’s happened. They’re here.

Blume Honey Water is officially stocking my fridge and the cold cases of several Rocky Mountain establishments. This hive-sweet client of mine was born in Pittsburgh, PA and has been buzzing around the East Coast since first launching in fall of last year. Now it finally made its way west to quench the cravings of thirsty Coloradans in droves, and thank goodness for that. We do live at altitude, after all. Peeps gotta hydrate.

Learn more about this artisanal, bee-friendly brand at, and click “Read More” below for a look at the back of the bottle. Brand positioning, tone of voice and copy by EBB Copywriting, alongside Blume founders Carla and Michele and brand experts Jill and Josh Holmstrom.


Live In Full Blume

Pure honey is a force of nature. It sweetens, energizes and fuels our passion for life. So open wide and start sipping. As soon as you do, good things will begin to blossom.

  • The beauty of nature is that it’s always changing, so slight variations in taste and color are possible.
  • See some settling? That’s just nature taking a nap. Shake well, serve cold and refrigerate after opening.