Calling All Nuts.

02/03 2018

This blog is late. Like, really, really late. But you know what? I don’t really give a toot because this work from last summer on behalf of the one and only Justin’s is just too good to go un-blogged. And I have Sterling-Rice Group to thank for letting me a part of it.

Not only was I humbled to participate in yet another fine workshop orchestrated by the brand vision composers at SRG, but I was also asked to write the new Justin’s manifesto. Justin himself (along with all the other heavy hitters at the company) were so moved by our work that they literally plastered the walls of their office with it.

Check out these smile-worthy snapshots from Justin’s HQ and then look below to read the manifesto where they were born.


Let’s do good in the world and stay on the up and up. And up.
Let’s use common sense ingredients to make uncommonly just-right foods: organic nuts…fair-trade chocolate…banana chips good enough for even the most discerning monkey.
You know, real stuff that feels great to stuff in your face no matter who or where you are.

Let’s be delicious, naturally. Let’s do better, simply. Let’s keep curiosity cool.
Let’s show ‘smooth’ and ‘crunchy’ there’s a new grind in town.
And let’s show some respect to people and the planet, never forgetting to laugh along the way.

Let’s collect friends like rocks and make ourselves a really sweet rock collection.
And let’s treasure each like it’s our favorite.
Let’s make damn good foods. Or at least give it the old Justin’s try.
Let’s make jokes, make weird faces and work as hard as we play.
And let’s have each other’s backs because real friends stick together.

After all, you can’t make nut butter with just one nut, and honestly, we wouldn’t want to try.