Name It. Align It. Dig It.

10/28 2016

This copywriter doesn’t stop at writing just copy. In fact, an increasing segment of my business is falling into brand positioning and company/product naming. Case in point: the newly launched Congruex, a massive, newly-formed fiber optics construction company that I had the honor to help name and brand alongside the one and only Oblique Design.


Founded by some of the heaviest hitters in the industry (guys with titles as high up as they go at companies including Level3, Teletech, AT&T, Zayo and others), Congruex is here to take the industry by storm via real relationships and unbeatable expertise. The name Congruex, a modern, tech-forward morph of the word “congruent” plays on their dedication to end-to-end alignment and harmonious connection while also portraying strength, power and reliability.

One thing I gotta note: it is HARD to create an ownable (and copyrightable) name in an industry with so many parts and players. We quickly learned that we had to think way outside the box, and Congruex became a lightening bolt of originality. It fits the industry, yet it stands out. It suggests congruity, but a twist of modernity. And most importantly: it’s a name shared by nobody else.

congruexwebCheck out the website at to meet the men (and woman) behind the brand and to see Oblique’s killer design work for this progressive company and brand.