Life Waits for No Fabric.

We all have our favorite activewear: that tee that fits just right, those capris that make your butt look slamming, that tank that may as well come with tickets to the gun show, etc. And when it comes to caring for those (often VERY expensive) fabrics and apparel, HEX knows best. This badass brand out of Baltimore just launched a new product that sounds a little counterintuitive at first, but once you try it, you’ll actually look forward to doing laundry. I know I do.

Introducing HEX Wet Dryer Sheets (yes, you read that right — WET dryer sheets). They’re the first and only option that’s safe for athletic clothes so you don’t waste time or skip wears waiting for them to air-dry. They’re basically like wet wipes, and they put traditional dryer sheets to shame because they don’t clog your workout wear with that waxy residue. Plus, the biodegradable, anti-static, anti-odor formula preserves fabric strength for many dries to come.

As always, I loved working with Karissa and the entire HEX Performance team to bring this baby to life with full packaging copy and some creative direction (designs by VMG Creative). Now it’s your turn to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so hop to shopping. The holidays are just around the corner, and the gift of static-free, better-smelling athletic wear is the gift that gives back to everyone — especially your gym buddies.

Power to the Pineapple.

Dole is big on pineapples. Like, obsessed with them, actually. And it just so happens that those pointy, pokey fruits are where this legendary brand got its start. It’s true, kids: Dole began with a single pineapple grove in Hawaii, and has now grown into an international cornucopia of fresh and frozen produce. Learn something new every day, right?

Anyway, powered by their passion for pineapple, Dole created a brand of 100% real fruit juices full of totally tempting tropical punch. They named it Jaya, and I was lucky enough to pitch in with the updated positioning and packaging copy with the unparalleled team at Sterling-Rice Group. We landed in a space of fierce flavor and live-life-to-the-fullest-ness, and my greatest compliments go out to the strategy and design teams. This baby looks gooooood, and the new look is starting to pop up online. So, pucker up and let’s get tropical!











An Equine Good Time

All those in favor of working with one of the coolest organizations on the planet, say naaaaaay.

I am honored to announce that EBB Copywriting + Creative has partnered up with the one and only Colorado Horse Rescue. This local nonprofit has one of the most passionate and hardworking teams I’ve ever collaborated with, and they work hard every day to create a better world for horses through adoption services, public education, top-notch care and rehabilitation.

(current logo and branding at entrance)

With approximately 60 horses on-site at any given time — minis and mares to stallions and show horses — Colorado Horse Rescue is one of the few rescues that accepts all types of horses at all stages in life. It’s not just about saving the most adoptable equines to this organization. It’s about saving as many horses as possible, and never judging those who are forced to re-home their beloved animals.

(new logo)

CHR recently went through a stunning visual rebrand, and now I’m galloping along with the brand positioning, tone of voice and copywriting.

I’ll keep you posted with updates on this inspiring client and the work we do together. And until then, check out the horses who are currently up for adoption, learn more about the Rescue’s LeadChange team-building program and make an appointment to stop by and meet the horses if you’re so inclined. I instantly connected with Fiona, pictured above, and am chomping at the bit to see her again on my next visit.

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