Outsmart the Unknown.

01/08 2021

EOS Heathcare Marketing was one of my first clients when I started my business nearly 10 (!) years ago. The company’s founder Shayne Harris took me in like the green little sapling I was and let me write brochures, websites and mailers for a variety of his clients (mostly dental practices). It was a great place to cut my teeth on the freelance copywriting biz, and I’m forever grateful for Shayne’s willingness to give me a shot.

Years later, it was my honor to help reposition and brand EOS Marketing itself using the company’s one-of-a-kind EMI® data model and analytics obsession to fuel the fire. The result: a brave new brand that empowers its customers with the power of fact.

What We Did

This was a ground-up sort of brand positioning exercise, and I’m thrilled with the results. We updated EOS’s logo from its previous “stamp” to a sideways E that represents a graph of success.

We audited our competitors and updated our color palate to stand out from the crowd and modernize our look, and we shifted our tone of voice from soft and salesy to confident and creative.

The new EOS Healthcare Marketing website I helped write is now live, and I’m thrilled for Shayne and his brainiac team. So, if you’re a dentist, doctor, hospital, vet, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon or any other type of healthcare professional, call these guys stat to get the right patients walking through your door.

Our Archetype

The Data Warrior
A passionate and powerful force of facts who boldly uses proof and truth to protect against the enemies of anxiety, risk and missed opportunities.

Our Promise

We vow to empower your practice with confidence by never making a decision without data.

Our Manifesto

“Guesswork.” Talk about an oxymoron.
We are EOS Healthcare Marketing, and we are driven by data.

Guessing is a gambler’s game, and we’re not here to play. EOS believes that facts have the power to make you fearless and that insights should be made fresh daily. It’s why we live and breath analytics, unleashing more than 50 sources of real-time data before making a single decision about your practice. If that makes us nerds, so be it. We’re nerds who know what we’re doing.

You want to open a new practice? We test the market’s tolerance before you invest in it.
You want to attract more of the right patients? We uncover where to find them to avoid wasted time and money.
You want to get the edge on your competition? Have no fear. Data is here.

After all, there’s nothing that can’t be made stronger with proof. Risk despises data. Insights lead to foresight. And you just can’t argue with truth (trust us, we’ve tried). At EOS, we merge hard facts with impactful creativity to empower our clients to go forward without fear. That means no worrying or wondering if our work will work. It does. Because knowledge is power, and power builds successful practices.

EOS Healthcare Marketing. Outsmart the Unknown.

Thank you to Shayne for being one of the first people to trust me as a freelance copywriter, and for continuing to partner up almost a decade later. You’re just the best there is.