Starring: The Crested Butte Film Festival

10/02 2017

Just recently, I was identified by someone very close to me as a cinephile.


A cinephile.

Until that moment, I thought I was just like everyone else in my love for feature films and documentaries. I was all, “Are there people out there who AREN’T like this?” Apparently there are—weird—but lucky for me, those people were not in attendance at the 2017 Crested Butte Film Festival (CBFF), a brand and event I am so proud to be a part of.

Earlier this year, I worked directly with festival directors Jennifer and Michael Brody and operations director Kat Cooke to uncover the inherent positioning of the CBFF brand. I dug deep into the competitive landscape to reveal how other fests like Sundance, Telluride, Tribeca, Sun Valley, Denver and others communicate their points of difference. From there, I developed five distinct creative platforms that I believed Crested Butte could authentically own. We landed in a space of transformation and the following line, which has become the official new slogan for the festival:


From a transformative mission to deliver programming that moves your soul to ActNow, a program that empowers filmgoers to convert inspiration into immediate action, Crested Butte Film Festival fits and fulfills this positioning like a glove.

I am so grateful to Jen and Michael for inviting me to attend this year. I was, to say the least, moved. This event and community have so much heart, and Crested Butte has become one of my new favorite places to visit. Oh, and the films weren’t too shabby either. A couple of my gold star picks: The Guys Next Door and Band Aid. Check ’em out.