Boba Website Launch.

11/17 2014

There’s always a lot to talk about when it comes to my pro babywearing client Boba. But this is really big news. Like, huge.

After months of tireless work with uber-talented Creative Director Amy Hayes, developer David and the entire Boba team, the all-new is finally live. We reinvigorated the site with a modular, mobile-friendly design, personality-driven copy to match the brand’s Freedom Together positioning, and a whole new strategy that drastically streamlines the user experience.

This fresh take on an active e-commerce website trades tired, text-heavy pages for interactive, visual appeal. It makes it easier for customers to compare products, find safety information, learn about the benefits of babywearing, see how Boba is different and, of course, buy a heck of a lot of baby carriers. And it elevates the brand to a much more competitive place in the market.

Check out now and maybe pick up a holiday gift for the soon-to-be parents in your life. There’s a designer collection of wraps and carriers that any stylish mama will love.