The World Wide Web of WUJU

08/12 2020

Crave fearlessly. That’s the promise of WUJU Foods, the coolest brand of Asian foods and flavors you’ll ever lay your taste buds on. Not only am I a forever fan girl of WUJU’s Original Hot Sauce, but I’m also a pretty big fan of the guy behind the brand: Lawrence Wu. After being introduced by a common contact, Lawrence hired me to write the copy for his Emperor’s Black Rice packaging. I guess I didn’t totally screw that one up because he soon hired me to help rework his brand positioning and website. Lucky me. 🙂

Our brand exploration landed in a place of total kitchen confidence — encouraging home cooks not to be afraid of Asian dishes. For whatever reason, we Americans seem to think of Asian cuisine as just for restaurants and takeout. But with WUJU, you can create those craveable flavors all by yourself without breaking a sweat. No fear. Just flavor.

The updated WUJU website is now live and taking orders, and I’ll be helping create the packaging for some new product launches later this year. Check out this “Asian Food Without the Attitude” and discover what’s possible when you know that flavor is a universal language.