The Ultimate Has Arrived.

02/07 2020

I’m a vegetarian — have been for years now. And while I can’t claim to be card-carrying vegan, I do my best to limit dairy and other animal products on my plate. Lucky for me, there seems to be a plant-based renaissance afoot with countless brands making great strides in this scrumptious (and sustainable) space. Oat milk is the sh*t. Seitan is dinner’s best friend as far as I’m concerned. And the meatless, motherless burgers are getting seriously beefy, and I mean that in the very best way possible.

Images: Gardein

For all these reasons and more, I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team that supported Gardein’s launch of its new Ultimate Plant-Based Burger. I got the chance to kick around some names, develop the Ultimate line’s tone of voice (there’s also meatless sausage links, snacks and more!), as well as write all the on-pack copy.

We landed in a bold, grillmaster-friendly tone that proves meat doesn’t always make a burger. Plants can too, and boy are they kicking beef’s butt in these juicy vegan patties. Check out some of the deets here in an article from Food Navigator.

Thanks to the Conagra and Gardein teams for inviting me over to play on this one. It was a blast, and I can’t wait to keep growing (like a plant) right along with you. Look for Gardein’s Ultimate Plant-Based Burgers in the freezer section of your favorite grocer, and burger on, baby!