Random Acts of Flavor

01/20 2021

Beerenberg Farm has been around since 1839. That’s almost 200 years, people. And for the first time in its long history, this legendary Australian brand is bringing some of its premium spreads to the U.S. (pause for applause) From spicy relishes and fruity chutneys to sweet-heat jams that will make you drool like a Saint Bernard, these jars dial up the flavor to 11, and they’re not ashamed to show it.

I had a blast working with the talented Jamie Panzarella of Brandarella and the Beerenberg team aaaaaall the way in Australia to give this brand the American makeover it deserved. From brand voice development and a full packaging redesign to the North America landing page and a launch campaign called “Random Acts of Flavor,” we celebrated the thing that makes Beerenberg so special: the homegrown ingredients.

Market Fresh Forever™

Beerenberg stands for fresh-from-the-farm flavor — for a cornucopia of colorful, craveable produce picked at the peak of ripeness. It stands for small batches and family traditions. Renowned quality and verdant fields. Creative combinations grown with care in the warm Australian sun. That’s why Jamie’s striking designs celebrate the heart of Beerenberg (the farm and its mouthwatering bounty) by making colorful art of feature fruits and veggies.

On the word/copywriting/my side, Market Fresh Forever™ became our new tagline and positioning. These simple words stand tall as a timeless homage to a brand that has spent nearly 200 years growing fresher, better and bolder by the bite. They pick their fruits and veggies at the peak of freshness and craft them into savor-worthy flavors you’ll crave on the daily. They produce each item right there on the family farm to ensure every taste is as good as it gets. And they hold their standards sky-high while always keeping their sense of humor — settling for nothing less than the finest quality you can fit in a jar. So…how do you like them apples? Or chilis? Or strawberries?

Meet the Flavors.

What was once Chili Jam is now “The Kicker.” What used to be Mango Chutney is now “The Charmer.” Read on to meet all six flavors that are coming stateside. I was honored to create the new flavor names and write all the on-pack copy.


Crisp apple chased with an Aussie chili kick. That’s our jam. The Kicker  makes mouthwatering work of pretty much any pairing with medium heat and a touch of sweet. It’s spirited, but not spicy. So, don’t be afraid.  We promise this won’t hurt a bit.


Sweet, juicy mango. Warm, spicy ginger. Allow us to introduce you to flavors so fresh, you’ll swear you just picked them yourself. The Charmer will hypnotize your senses, enchant your taste buds and win you over with good looks and impeccable taste.


Going green has never tasted better. The Verde has that certain special sizzle that would make any farmer proud. Ripe green tomatoes mix and mingle with hot (like, actually hot) jalapeños to give you a serious kick in the spice pants.


Fit for kings and queens, it’s a jack of all trades. The Royal reigns over all types of cuisine with its imperial blend of sweet figs, caramelized onions and savory balsamic. It’s a regal feast for the senses — crafted fresh on our family farm and destined for the throne.


Bold doesn’t even begin to describe it, but we have to start somewhere. The Barbie goes all in on farm-fresh flavor and really lays it on thick. It’s masterfully spiced, has a bit of a bite, and will take your grill from zero to sixty in one saucy spoonful.


A tribute to the vine and the goodness that grows there, The Mama is the mother of all relishes. It’s one part Italian, one part Middle Eastern and all farm-fresh with an heirloom twist. Feel free to lick your fingers if you want, just don’t tell mom we said so.

Your Plate Is Beerenberg’s Playground.

Want to know when you’ll be able to unleash your creativity with these six premium spreads fresh from Beerenberg Farm? Sign up for alerts on our launch website today. Everybody loves being the friend who finds the best brands before everybody else, right? So go on. Be that person.

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