Live In Full Blume.

09/14 2016

Blume Honey Water. Just saying the words makes a mouth wanna water, doesn’t it? So when Carla Frank (co-founder of Blume along with her longtime friend Michelle Meloy Burchfield) approached me to help build this golden, nectarous morsel of a brand into something beautiful, of course I obliged.

I helped develop Blume’s inclusive, inspiring tone of voice, craft the brand manifesto, name a couple of the flavors and write the tagline (Live In Full Blume), bottle copy and website. And through it all, this has been one sweet, sweet adventure. NOTE: Before I put pen to paper, the Blumers sent me some samples, and I gotta tell you, this stuff is goooooooooooood. Like, obsession-worthy good. You-may-want-to-sign-up-to-get-their-newsletter-so-you’re-among-the-first-to-find-out-when-it-hits-a-store-near-you good.


Blume Honey Water is available in select retailers in the Pittsburgh area, and will be selling online and in more stores very soon. Head to the launch website to learn about the products and bee-friendly philosophy, and check back for updates and expanded availability soon.