Sunday Yumday

08/01 2017

I don’t mean to brag, but after running a 3-minute PR on my latest half marathon this weekend, I kind of felt like I deserved a Chipotle burrito…with guac. So after I showered all the stank off from running in the sun for two hours (well, 1:53:40 to be exact), I headed out to gorge on a giant serving of sofritas. For those of you who don’t know, sofritas is the tofu option at Chipotle, which happens to be supplied by a brand I was thrilled to touch earlier this year: Hodo Soy.

As I sat down to politely-but-not-so-politely stuff my face, I noticed that my cup actually featured Hodo and its founder Minh Tsai as the burrito chain’s premier tofu supplier. Coincidence? I think not. Not only is the cup a great read, but it made me super proud to be connected to this plant-based brand of soy supremacy. “Hodo” means “good bean” in Chinese, and that’s an understatement if there ever was one. Go meatless the next time you’re at Chipotle to taste for yourself, and stay tuned for exciting new things to come from my work with Hodo.

But wait…the day got even better when I headed to Target for a sweet treat and saw a massive endcap for my client Veggie-Go’s. I had the pleasure of writing the new packaging and website when the brand went through a recent refresh, and its hot new look could not have been more magnetic in-store. High-five to everyone involved (the kind so solid it stings), and I can’t wait to continue working on these two nourishing, flourishing brands until I’m too old to chew. Maybe longer.