Keeping Life Deliciously Lit

08/26 2020

Food can do even more than might you think. Like, a lot more. Protein, collagen and antioxidants are basically unicorns in ingredient form. They may not technically be magic, but the way they make you feel is nothing short of spectacular. That’s exactly why all three of these functional foods are part of Dannon Light + Fit’s latest launch. It’s creamy. It’s craveable. And it can’t-stop-won’t-stop on its mission to help you shine (or sparkle) from the inside out. Introducing: Light + Fit nonfat yogurt with Collagen & Antioxidants.

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I was as pleased as a peach (well, actually a kiwi or mango) to work with the incredibly talented team at Danone North America to develop the tone of voice and write the packaging, underlid copy and campaign messaging for this exciting innovation. According to Light + Fit’s Instagram page, these delicious new yogurts are the first nationally available varieties with 2 grams of Type I and III collagen, which studies have shown are associated with skin health and overall wellbeing. No wonder we got to have so much fun with the product positioning, landing in a place of empowerment from the inside out: KEEP LIFE DELICIOUSLY LIT.

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Light + Fit yogurt with Collagen & Antioxidants is now available in stores across the country, and I for one am loading up on the cherry black currant, but you do you.