Power to the Pineapple.

11/05 2019

Dole is big on pineapples. Like, obsessed with them, actually. And it just so happens that those pointy, pokey fruits are where this legendary brand got its start. It’s true, kids: Dole began with a single pineapple grove in Hawaii, and has now grown into an international cornucopia of fresh and frozen produce. Learn something new every day, right?

Anyway, powered by their passion for pineapple, Dole created a brand of 100% real fruit juices full of totally tempting tropical punch. They named it Jaya, and I was lucky enough to pitch in with the updated positioning and packaging copy with the unparalleled team at Sterling-Rice Group. We landed in a space of fierce flavor and live-life-to-the-fullest-ness, and my greatest compliments go out to the strategy and design teams. This baby looks gooooood, and the new look is starting to pop up online. So, pucker up and let’s get tropical!