Fresh Clean Copy

08/31 2022

Hey, you. Yeah you. What do you say we pair up and make some style? It’s pretty much the most natural blend on the planet: that vibe you’re putting off plus some fresh, clean and comfy basics. That’s a match made in soft-stitched, fine-fitted heaven if you ask us.

As a brand that always has your back, you can bet your best polo Fresh Clean Threads has your front and sides covered too. They’re the brand that builds confidence through conversation. They’re here to help you look —and more importantly — feel good. They’re optimistic and uplifting. They’re your biggest fan. And you know what? They don’t care who hears them say it: they love you, man.

Naming and Tone of Voice

Fresh Clean Tees is now Fresh Clean Threads, and I’m happier than comfort-seeking kid in a clothing store that I got to work on the transition with the one and only Interact Brands team. And the peeps at Fresh Clean HQ, of course.

From pitching in on the name update (so they could branch out beyond basic tees) to helping define their new tone of voice, this project made me feel all warm and fuzzy from start to finish. The brand is now starting to bring our new headlines into rotation, and I feel like a proud mama bear.

A few more favorite lines:

There’s no law against looking this good.
We checked.

We’re not saying you’ll never want to take our shirts off.
But we’re not not saying it.

We can’t guarantee you’ll look good in this shirt.
But we suspect it strongly.

Tall guy or dad bod.
Every body looks great.

Fresh Clean Thanks

Huge thanks to Interact for having me on the project and to the FC brand for letting me play with your words. We proved that even tough guys like soft shirts, and that’s the most important lesson there is. Shop on, my friends. Shop on.