Inner Guru Site Launched.

10/18 2012

They don’t call today “the present” for nothing. And my friends Carol and Tim Bertola (the founders of Inner Guru) are all about embracing each day as a gift—one that’s ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed to its tippy-top potential. Their growing collection of mindful and playful apparel reminds us all to get in touch with our inner guru every day. After all, we’ve already got it in us. We just have to tap in and let it shine out.

With that said, you’ll be overjoyed to learn that the new Inner Guru website is now officially live. Yippee! So start putting in those orders, people. With such inviting copy (shameless personal plug for moi), you’d be crazy not to buy, like, everything in the online store. Every purchase supports this great local startup, and contributes warm fuzzies, good karma and super smileys all around. (Man, all this yoga talk has turned me into a total sap. I better end this blog, go get some granola and start weaving some hemp pants. Gotta love Boulder.)

Congrats on the new site and up-and-coming business, Carol and Tim. Much luck to you both. xoxo