May No Season Stop You.

10/16 2017

SeasonFive is a maverick apparel brand that’s ready, set and going to redefine the activewear category. Founded on its innovative fabric tech (breathable, waterproof, sun-blocking material with four-way stretch—way better than neoprene), SeasonFive started in watersport and quickly expanded to include land ventures of all kinds. Like running. And cycling. And trekking. And snowsport. And basically anything that pits you one-on-one against the elements.

With fierce competition from well-known brands, this underdog name needed a convincing hook—aka a tagline and manifesto—to bring its raw, adventurous spirit to life. That’s where I came in. Marketing extraordinaire Josh Holmstrom brought me in to work with SeasonFive founder Mike Fischer and give this brand something to hang its hoodie on. The result…

May No Season Stop You.

Where humans once sought shelter, we now thrive outside.

The elements have finally been found wanting in their battle against humankind. No longer will we stay indoors—shying away from wind, sun and surf. Today, we will get out and stay out because our bodies are their own protection inside SeasonFive.

SeasonFive apparel started in watersport, evolved into activewear, and now runs free wherever you do. For the weekend warriors and wily athletes who come alive in the open air, we help you do it longer—staying dry, warm and comfortable with full range of motion.

So even though people aren’t built to endure all conditions, that’s no reason to avoid them. Embrace the elements with SeasonFive technology, the only brand that pushes the limits of apparel like the boundary-breaking humans who wear it.

We are SeasonFive, and we live where others dare not venture.

Bonus points: SeasonFive also uses some of the alternate taglines I created for campaigns, including #BeYourOwnShelter (featured in the website promotion above). Sweet.