Introducing Wellderberry™

12/12 2022

Take control of your wellbeing — and enjoy every drop — with the righteous ruby waves of Wellderberry™, the original elderberry refresher. This crisp and fruity water beverage is infused with the natural powers of concentrated elderberry, citrus and black cherry to ebb and flow with immunity support and uplifting hydration.

Welcome to the world, Wellderberry.

Wellderberry is the hottest thing to hit immunity since vitamin C, and I’m damn proud to be part of the team that created it. Powerhouse founder/CEO/brand-builder/mother-of-three/all-around-superwoman Chelsea Whitman-Rush had a vision to create a beverage that that put the almighty elderberry center stage, and she did not dissapoint. I worked with Chelsea from day one to bring this brand to life with a descriptive yet whimsical name (oh yeah, we trademarked that mo-fo), a hardworking brand positioning, an empowering tone of voice, and visual creative direction in collaboration with the one and only Mollie Starr.

Immunity and Elderberry

Wellderberry empowers your wellness with two of the planet’s most trusted tools for immunity support: clean hydration and the almighty elderberry. The brand’s signature recipe is the first of its kind with clear filtered water infused with 1750mg of concentrated elderberry (equivalent to about 29 elderberries per bottle), plus lemon juice, black cherry and just a hint of real cane sugar. Nothing fake. No artificial preservatives. Just honest to goodness wellness. This buzz-worthy bev is also available in Fruit Punch and Blueberry flavors, all designed for immunity support and all of which I was honored to sample and help perfect throughout the product development stage.

Now available in Cleveland

Wellderberry is hitting the shelves across founder Chelsea’s hometown of Cleveland, and we hope to bring this royally delicious drink (hehe…see the crown on top of the elderberry in the logo?) to the rest of the world soon. Here’s a little taste of the bottle copy in case you don’t live in Ohio. 😉


With berries and gratitude

Thank you a million, bajillion times to Chelsea for having me as part of the team. As covid continues bouncing around this big blue marble of ours, immunity couldn’t be more relevant. Wellness products are flying off shelves, and I can’t wait to see Wellderberry fly right along with them. (In fact, it may fly a lot higher because this everyday elderberry product goes down more like a delicious treat than a medicinal syrup or gummy).

So, cheers to Wellderberry and long live natural, refreshing wellness. Later, dudes.