Menu Del Sol Makeover

05/06 2021

Ever heard of Menu Del Sol? I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you haven’t because this frozen taquito brand has seen pretty limited distribution in the past. Buuuuuuut, as the frozen food aisle sees increasingly more innovation, the foodie crew at Sigma decided to reinvigorate this tired brand with new positioning, packaging, website and launch campaign to compete with the “big boys” El Monterey, Jose Ole and Delimex. And guess who got to help make it all happen? You’re lookin’ at her.

Everything Under the Sun

Menu Del Sol translates to “The Sun’s Menu” because there’s no limit to what you can do and discover when everything under the sun is up for the taking (and tasting). Whatever is in your fridge can be on your taquitos, so we went all in on creativity and variety as the basis for the new brand positioning. “Everything under the sun” gives reason and strength to our brand name, spotlights our varieties and ongoing innovation, and creates a call to action for consumers to mix, match, top, dunk and even skewer taquitos to their hearts’ delight. In short, options make life brighter, and Menu Del Sol serves them up hot and ready in minutes.


Colorful, fresh design ups the taste appeal and brings this brand into the current century.

Back-panel copy tells a story and highlights our unique recipe ideas to encourage delicious exploration.


Streamlined, scrolling website features just the must-haves without all the cheesy Tex-Mex cliches.


This project has been a long time in the making, and I am so happy that it’s finally happening. Like, for real this time. The formal announcement was made in April, and you’ll be able to find the new Menu Del Sol in freezer cases starting this month. Thanks to Dani, Linda, Rafa, JJ, Ricardo and the whole Sigma crew for having me on the team. It’s been…delicioso.