Made In-House at Woodhouse Spa

11/16 2021

At Woodhouse Spa, handcrafted treatments, bespoke experiences and irresistibly modern spa services are served daily. Every treatment, detail, space and feature is made in-house to keep you feeling your best while you’re there…and long after you leave.

Connections are crafted there.

Celebrations are relished there.

Transformation is designed there.

Energy is renewed there.

It’s that special touch of luxury that defines Woodhouse as the definitive destination for life’s most joyful moods and moments. And they’re all made in-house at The Woodhouse Spa.

My maiden voyage with LRXD

I could not be more thrilled to announce that I got to work with Denver’s famous LRXD and designer Amy Hayes to create this emotive and inspiring campaign for Woodhouse Spa. “Made In-house” has become the brand’s new messaging platform as it announces it’s new “mood menu” and transition from an oasis of self-care to the masters of mood care.

Why it works

–  Name recognition is key for awareness campaigns, and in a category full of forgettable brands, “Made In-House” uses the Woodhouse name to its advantage. The use of “house” is unique to Woodhouse (translation: you can’t just slap on another spa’s logo and have the campaign make sense).

–  Going to a Woodhouse isn’t cheap, and for good reason. These luxurious spas are miles away from transactional massage chains that churn people through one after another. Just like higher-end restaurants, everything at Woodhouse is made in-house by experts to suit each client’s unique wants and needs.

–  People come to Woodhouse to feel uplifted, energized and connected. It’s not a silent, sleepy day spa. The idea of “made in-house” nods to Woodhouse’s active process and passionate mood care guides. They stay present so you can be too.

Online and on the socials

Check out this v cool campaign live on the brand’s website and their social channels. Thank you so much to the strategic and creative wizards at LRXD for including me on this incredible team and project. You make work feel like a spa day. 😉

Image Credits: Woodhouse Spa