Freedom Tastes Like Chocolate.

Boulder’s own Sun Cups is now evolving into Free2B Foods—a brand on a mission to provide free-from delights for the chocolatey inclined. These tempting treats give allergens the boot to create a so-sweet experience that’s nothing short of brilliant. And gluten-free. And peanut-free. And tree-nut-free. And soy-free. And egg-free. And soy-free. Because their dedicated facility is free from 11 out of 12 of the top allergens, yet their candy tastes so good it’s bad…and then goes all the way back around to being good again. #MindBlown

Many thanks to Alicia of Faven Creative and Kazia of Kazia Jankowski Consulting for bringing me in to help with the positioning and packaging of this fresh ‘n’ fly brand update. I think it turned out pretty damn skippy.


Image credit: Sun Cups Facebook Page

Want to read the brand manifesto crafted with love, fueled by chocolate and written by EBB Copywriting? It’s right here…


Boulder Organic! New Soup Sighting.

The best thing about working for local brands? They show up on the shelves of all my neighborhood haunts. Last weekend, as I strolled the aisles of Whole Foods, I was quickly transported to cloud nine when I saw the whole Boulder Organic! line of soups proudly displayed for spoon-yielding shoppers. And to my additional delight, they even had the two new SKUs pictured below.

Stop in and try these hot (well actually, one of them is cold because it’s gazpacho) organic soups on shelves now.

Design by Faven Creative. Copy by me.



Intelligent Tubs.

Boulder, Colorado is home to some pretty hotshot brands, including a whole bunch of edible ones under the (aptly named) Boulder Brands umbrella. You know who I’m talking about: Smart Balance, Earth Balance, Evol, Glutino, Udi’s and more.

Well, I don’t mean to brag—or do I?—but I’ve had the pleasure to work on several of these brands, including some new on-pack messaging for Smart Balance dairy-free butters. You may notice that the tubs are square instead of round, and that’s for good reason. The boxy shape means more of them fit in each carton, in each truck and on each trip, so they save fuel and the environment and stuff. How sweet.

Check out the updated packages in stores now and get to spreadin’.


All Bite and No Bark (Thank Goodness).

I’ve been accused of “drinking the Kool-Aid” on many of the brands I work for (picture me on a soapbox, defending my clients as the 100%, absolute best at whatever they make or do). I swear, once I’m sold on something, I become an unabashed convert, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

JC’s is one such company. This local-to-Boulder sweet treat manufacturer makes some of the most irresistible frozen desserts on the planet, and now—wait for it—they’re lending some sugar to the candy aisle. That’s right, folks. Hitting grocery store shelves this spring, allow me to introduce JC’s Pie Bites: truffle-style delights coated in the pie crust crumbles that made the brand famous. I got to help with the in-store displays and packaging on behalf of Vermilion Interactive + Design, and it all looks mighty tasty if you ask me.


So Rad.

Are you prepared to join the RADvolution? For your own good, I sure hope so.

RAD massage and mobility products are designed by experts and for everyone, and they’re some of the most innovative tools on the planet. From the brand’s cornerstone RAD Roller, to its NEW full line of complementary point release and muscle flushing tools, relief in motion is now well within reach.

Tagline, packaging text, product naming, content strategy, website copy (all-new design coming soon!) and collateral/print content by EBB Copywriting.


Power to Your Pasta.

Looking for a plate of more nutritious noodles? Problem solved. My clients over at Ancient Harvest recently launched these three high-protein varieties of their delicious Supergrain Pasta™. Powered by a blend of quinoa and beans or lentils, every gluten-free serving touts the taste and texture of traditional pasta, but with 2x the protein and a healthy helping of fiber (7g). The Black Bean & Quinoa Elbows are my favorite. They have a rich, dark color that makes them look mega dramatic in a pasta salad or mac & cheese meal, plus you get all the benefits of their dual-superfood nutrition. Nice.

Pick some up now at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide, and keep an eye on the shelves of many more supermarkets soon. Packaging copy by EBB Copywriting.


RAD Rod In Action.

So psyched to get my very own RAD Rod in the mail from my bodacious bodywork client RAD Roller LLC. Thanks for giving this distance runner exactly what she needs to keep logging those miles in comfort. You guys rock (and roll) my world.


And now for some straight business talk: from the company who brought you the spine-pampering RAD Roller comes an soon-to-drop suite of revolutionary massage and release tools, including the RAD Rod (these guys’ steel-hard answer to “The Stick“; see image above), the RAD Rounds (a double shot of targeted pressure for those tiny, tough-to-reach areas), the RAD Helix (a back-muscle-flushing tool inspired by human DNA) and the RAD Block (the ultimate way to elevate your RAD game).

The new tools will be available online soon via a full website redesign, so stay tuned.

Make It An Ancient Harvest Morning.

Wake up to what’s next in ancient grains: four satisfying new hot cereals from the innovative kitchens of Ancient Harvest. Made with gluten-free rolled oats, quinoa, millet and amaranth and flavored with the finest organic ingredients, these blends are exactly what breakfast bowls have been begging for. Each splendid spoonful is filled with comforting flavor, rich aromas and unbelievably tempting texture that tease your taste buds with every bite. Try all five delicious flavors—especially Maple Morning, which I got to name. Packaging copy and content strategy also by moi.

Thanks to Constance, Lauren, Katie and Blake at Ancient Harvest for having me along for the launch. (Big hugs!)


Strip Down for JC’s Nudies.

To call myself an ice cream fan would be like calling New York City a small town. I love the stuff—eat it pretty much every night—so when Vermilion came to me with the chance to work on the packaging for some new frozen treats, it may as well have been my birthday for crying out loud.

You may know JC’s for their absurdly delicious Pie Pops, but now the brand is bringing fans four new ways to lick up some smooth, creamy luxury, and they’re calling them JC’s Nudies. Made with flavorful swirls of the brand’s coolest creams (minus the pie-crust coating of their other products—hence the “nude” name), JC’s Nudies are the perfect no-guilt sweet treat. They have just 110 calories each and spirals of dreamy satisfaction—not to mention some really cute copy on the boxes *wink wink*.

So look for JC’s Nudies now in your favorite local retailers and make sure to read (and love) every single word on the package. I’ll be watching you…


Photo credit: JC’s Pie Pops’ Facebook Page

A Souped-Up Makeover.

Sweet mother of nature! This soup is so good it’ll make you want to (SHOUT!) kick your heels up and (SHOUT!) throw your hands up (SHOUT!) throw your head back and (SHOUT!).

Come on now.

When Boulder Organic! (formerly Boulder Soup Works) hired us to reinvigorate their brand and packaging set, it was like a dream come true. Talk about a fun client. First, I pitched in on a total strategic makeover under the leadership of Kazia Jankowski along with Cathryn Olchowy  and Alicia Potter. Then Alicia and I went to work crafting the new exuberant look and tone of voice punctuated by playful “exclamations” to bring out all the shout-worthiness I was singing about earlier.

These soups are no-playin’ amazing. They’re organic, gluten-free, made with clean, high-quality ingredients and taste REALLY good. Especially the Green Chile Corn Chowder, IMHO. Check out the new look on shelves now at Whole Foods, King Soopers, Costco, Alfalfas, City Market, Natural Grocers and more.


Photo by Boulder Organic Foods

Sample copy:

For the Love of Leeks!   Only the finest fresh-from-the-farm ingredients will do in our perfectly pureed Potato Leek soup. Bite by bite, you’ll simply swoon for this thick and satisfying blend of hearty golden potatoes, flavorful leeks and chopped chives that’s best savored with a smile. And slurps. And a really big spoon.

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