Life Is Sweet.

04/28 2022

All of my clients are sweet—probably because I refuse to work with meanies. But all attitudes aside, I feel deliciously fortunate to work with so many brands that fulfill my literal and metaphorical sweet tooth. Here’s what’s happening with two of them.

Made In Nature® Fruit Bark

My longtime partner Made In Nature® is dipping it’s chocolate-covered toes into the confection space, and the journey begins with four varieties of dark chocolate Fruit Bark made with 70% cocoa fair trade certified chocolate. This brand is best known for its healthy snacking options, but dark chocolate has a healthful halo, right? Not to mention a boatload of taste appeal. That’s why we made the packaging for this organic brand’s new Fruit Bark reflect all that’s good about it’s crunchy dark chocolate base. And a Star Wars reference, naturally.

Find these sweet chocolate shards on Made In Nature’s website. SHOPPING TIP: Two of the flavors have the bonus benefit of plant-based protein thanks to delicious protein crisps in the mix. Look for the word “CRUNCH” on those ones. They come in Tropical Coconut and Blueberry Pomegranate.

Mary Macleod’s Promotions

Aside from writing packaging copy, there’s nothing I love more than naming, even if it’s just for a sale or promotion. I look at every naming assignment like a little word puzzle that I get to solve. How do I make this reflect the brand? How can it connect to the offer? And when I strike that perfect name, it’s a good day. Like these two promotions for Mary Macleod’s Shortbread: Two Sweet Weekends and the once-a-year Hail Mary (Mary Macleod’s version of Prime Day).

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