Right at Home in Boquete, Panama.

01/03 2018

Why hello there, 2018. I’m so glad you’re here. 2017 was a doozy, and after some Central American adventure over the holidays, I’m healing up nicely from my mosquito bites and ready to take on the new year.

Come late December of two-thousand-every-year, my husband and I like to jetset our way out of the the Christmas chaos and into a place we’ve never been before. This year, it was Panama. We strolled Balboa Avenue and ate street tacos in Panama City. We posed with piles of conch shells and made friends with bathroom-going geckos on Isle Bastimentos. And apparently we teleported back to Boulder through a portal-slash-food-store called Organica in the mountain town of Boquete.

It was honestly as if I’d stepped off a flower-lined Panamanian street into a card-carrying Boulder co-op. From Made In Nature and Free2B Foods to Justin’s, Glutino, Horizon Organic and about 50 other brands I’ve had the honor to write for, this store was stacked. I took pictures by the dozen and was all too happy to snap up plenty of Boulder-grown snacks for the road.

So, as grateful as I was for the holiday hiatus, I can’t pretend that I wasn’t thrilled to see my work making a splash in the Spanish-speaking Americas. It was bomb. Like, hella bomb. I hope you fit some unexpected excitement in your end-of-year schedule too, and from all of us (the one of us) at EBB Copywriting, I wish you a splendid start to 2018. May our creativity and collaboration reach every corner of the globe this coming year. ¡Hasta for now!