Farm-Fresh Words Grow Here.

02/02 2024

Hey, baby. Want to see some sexy work?

Wait a minute. Wrong kind of baby. Let me just switch mental gears aaaaaaaaand….

We’re back! And straight-up PUMPED to share some of the work I’ve been doing with Once Upon a Farm. I won’t write too much because the works speaks for itself. But it’s been a blast working with the incredible team (Nicole, Emma, Katie and Emily: I heart you) to help this little brand grow, grow, GROW.


Writing words that Jennifer Garner reads is for sure one of the highlights of my career. I got to craft the scripts for a range of live-action ads, which you can peek-a-boo below.


In an effort to highlight what makes OFARM different from other brands, we ventured to create new taglines that would be more descriptive than the previous “A Better Story Starts Here.” I wrote a LOT of lines. Like, a lot, a lot. And we tested them with consumers to see which ones rose to the top. We had several standouts, and landed on new taglines for their kid and baby lines.

Here’s Kids:And Baby:

And last but not least: Pasta Meals


When the clock strikes mealtime, every minute counts. Lucky for busy parents everywhere, Once Upon a Farm just launched two cook-and-serve organic Plant-Rich Pastas—the perfect match for curious eaters and self-feeding fingers.

I had a blast working with the team to craft copy for these tasty toddler meals, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate them myself for more than one dinner. Add them to your next subscription box at

Check out some of the tasty copy…

Alfredo isn’t just for adults anymore. Cubed cauliflower, leaves of green spinach and tender pieces of pasta meet creamy coconut milk made savory with garlic, onion and spices in this creative toddler version of the craveable classic.

Transport your little one’s taste buds to Italy with tender pasta pieces tossed with juicy chunks of tomato, cubed carrot, bright basil and savory garlic. A light splash of EVOO makes the overall taste mature without being too foodie.

Sweet and savory collide in this farm-inspired creation. Tender noodles, cubes of sweet butternut squash, dates and juicy zucchini swim in a rich sage coconut butter while cracked black pepper dots each bite with a super-mild heat.