Pretty Beer.

08/13 2012

Check out these growlers from Boulder’s XYZ Studios. If present-day me would have told past me that I would be spending my days writing copy about Steve Ballmer for the back of a beer bottle, past me probably would have bitch slapped present-day me and told her to get real.

Read the full copy:

Make Your Ascent

Ka-psshhhh. That’s the sound of you cracking open a cold growler of Ballmer Peak. It’s also the sound of rock-solid, mind-blowing, idea-worshiping, apex-seeking forces of creative genius at work—and boy, do they go down smooth. Inspired by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his belief that people reach their creative peaks at a blood alcohol concentration of 0.129–0.138%, this special brew is what vigorously fuels the borderline dangerous amounts of creative energy oozing out of XYZ Studios. Because it’s in our DNA to do things right. To go big. To challenge boundaries and never settle. So if that takes throwing back a cold one every now and then, we’re all for it. In the end, being creative should also be a helluva good time, and this beer is just our way of helping that process along. Cheers to that.

Rumor has it this beer was brewed by XYZ’s own creative directing, Cannes­-trophy-holding yeti and bottled at Boulder, Colorado’s all-organic Asher Brewery.