From Disfruta to Fruit Splash

03/08 2022

Creativity is a universal language. As a copywriter, it’s one of my greatest challenges to communicate in ways that transcend words and tap into the most essential, sometimes emotional benefits of a product. This time, it was Yoplait Disfruta, a line of sweet and succulent yogurt smoothies previously only available in Mexico.

The Yoplait brand is familiar and trusted in the U.S., but Disfruta was a new addition to the shelf set, competing with traditional Yoplait drinkables. My client Sigma hired me to help them create a name and packaging copy that would differentiate Disfruta from other Yoplait products — as well as the greater competitive set — as a line with a more satisfying proposition: real chunks of fruit that keep you feeling full and fulfilled.


While disfruta is an ideal name for Mexican consumers (they are aware that the name means “enjoy” and references fruit, or fruta), the name was a miss for English speakers. Fruta is close enough to “fruit,” but the prefix “dis-” in Latin means “having a privative, negative, or reversing force”. Example: discontent, disbelief, dislike. So, the name wasn’t striking the right chord for consumers who are not fluent in Spanish.

After many rounds of names that straddled the line between Spanish, English and Spanglish, we landed on something simple and impactful: FRUIT SPLASH. Yoplait Fruit Splash dares you to dive in to splashing waves of creamy yogurt and real fruit that’s ripe, juicy and ready to go whenever you are. This name is straightforward yet evocative, describing the experience of these uniquely fruit-heavy smoothies.


I had a blast working on the bottle copy for these delicious drinkable yogurts, which are now available in hispanic grocers and bodegas across the U.S. Every sip surges with big chunks of real fruit, so we positioned Fruit Splash as an up-leveled smoothie that empowers you to “Drink your fruit and eat it too.” We also included a callout about the natural fruit on the front to elevate our differentiating benefit even further.

(Photo Credit: Arcola’s Hispanic & American Grocery)

Major thanks to the Sigma team for having me on this project, and congrats to everyone at General Mills and Yoplait for the exciting launch. Now that these babies are on the shelf, it’s time to GO BIG, GO BOLD AND GO FOR A SPLASH OF REAL FRUIT in Yoplait Fruit Splash. Satisfaction, here you come.