Nature’s Got Rhythm.

11/04 2021

Your heart is beating. Your lungs are breathing. You’re alive, well and apparently making really good choices when it comes to beverages. Like Rowdy Mermaid‘s NEW rhythmic Hibiscus Pulse™, for example. This beneficial and bubbly blend will be music to your mouth as it drops the beat of bright, bold hibiscus backed by warm cinnamon and chipotle on low volume. Together, these botanicals awaken your senses, support circulation and overflow with good feels.

Hibiscus Pulse is my rowdiest client’s freshest booch—aka kombucha if you want to be a stickler about it—and not only did I get to write the can copy, but I also got to name the flavor. Boom. Boom. Boom. That’s the beat of your heart when you take a smooth and satisfying sip (and the inspiration behind the name).

Can and Web Copy

Our harmonious Hibiscus Pulse features the smooth stylings of hibiscus flower with low-key cassia and chipotle to get your heart pumping and support healthy circulation. Because ingredients with intention are like music to your mouth. And this botanical blend drops the beat like a wellness emcee.

Image credits: Rowdy Mermaid

Get Some

Hibiscus Pulse is hitting shelves as of November 1st, so check your grocer’s kombucha cooler to get a taste. Don’t know where to look? Hit up our store locator to find a Rowdy Mermaid retailer near you.