The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far from the Family Tree.

04/04 2018

Some say you don’t get to pick your family, but Dole thinks that’s bananas. For more than eight generations, Dole has carefully chosen who and what they want in their growing brood. From finding the finest, most mouthwatering fruits to supporting the caring families who harvest them, Dole Organics is now here to help you nourish, flourish and always feel like family.

It was my pleasure to pitch in on several elements of this exciting launch into organics. First, I was invited to help SRG develop Dole’s vision for their new line of products. Next, I got to write packaging copy for the frozen fruit and fruit cups. And last, I worked on a few sales materials to help get the word out. Clearly, this project was nothing short of fruitful, and I can’t thank Sterling-Rice Group enough for making me part of the team. They crushed the brand work and design, and it’s always an honor to work with such talented, passionate people.

Frozen fruit back-of-pack sample copy:

Our family tradition is simple: bring the freshest, juiciest organic fruit from our farms to your home. For over four generations, Dole has supported the families who grow and harvest our sweet, sun-ripened fruit so that you can nourish your family with the best nature has to offer.