Join the Grain Trust.

07/20 2017

Grain Trust. It’s like brain trust, get it? How deliciously clever. I wish I could take credit for the name of this one, but alas, I cannot. This integrity-based brand of frozen rice is the grain child (hehe…ok, I’ll stop) of Sage V Foods, and am so glad they brought me in to help define its voice.

Writing all the packaging copy for this new-to-the-world collection of better-for-you convenience foods really got a rice out of me (last one, I swear), and the pack copy was also repurposed for the launch website. Working with the talented design and brand teams, we landed on a quippy, candid tone that emphasized the quality (organic, non-GMO, responsibly sourced, etc.) and quick prep (ready in just 3 microwaved minutes) of all five virtuous flavors. The design is simple, poppy and colorful to complement the edgy personality, and these tasty meal starters are now hitting shelves in natural grocery stores across the nation. Find them, try them and you’re going to love them. #GrainTrustMe

Photo credits: Grain Trust’s Facebook Page

Sample Copy:
the only things fresher than our attitude are our grains. we harvest them, cook them to perfection and flash freeze them to lock in every lick of flavor before it gets away. boom. that’s it. and now they’re yours for the eating in just 3 minutes flat.

    fragrant and mouthwatering. wildly versatile. packed with honest-to-goodness nutrition like vitamin b, protein and minerals. need we say more? we think not. our mouths are full anyway, so yeah.
    you’re going to need a bigger appetite because this goodness goes with everything. exaggeration: none. every bite booms with delicious, nutty flavor, tempting texture and honest nutrition you can only get from whole grains.
    did you know that cuba has one of the highest life expectancies on earth? probably because this traditional, wholesome blend of white rice, black beans, veggies and savory seasonings is such a staple. see? you’re older and wiser already.
    ever heard the term “running grains”? they’re the whole grains that our ancestors ate to sustain them on the hunt. now they’re right here and ready for action in this ancient throwback blend of thai red jasmine, brown and wild rices, oats and spices.
    every batch of this authentic, hibachi-style blend has graced a sizzling hot flattop grill to infuse all the stir-fried flavor you can handle. we’re talking white rice, vegetables, seasonings, the works. all in and all good.