Rowdy, Roaring and Ready to Drink

10/03 2022

Brain need a vacay? Mine did too, which I gave it the past couple of weeks while traveling around Europe. Fittingly, the name change I worked on for Rowdy Mermaid‘s tropical-getaway-tasting Lion’s Root kombucha hit shelves while I was away.

For reals though…this badass brand’s enlightening Roaring Pineapple™ kombucha (previously called Lion’s Root) is like a sip-trip to the tropics. You can feel your focus sharpen as you venture into wild waves of lion’s mane mushroom—the go-to nootropic for mind and memory support—plus anti-inflammatory turmeric and sweet golden pineapple. It’s the shockingly drinkable kombucha that proves how sometimes life’s rowdiest adventures are all in your head.

The Pleasure Was All Mine.

I was honored to work on this name change and packaging copy update with the team at Rowdy Mermaid, and even more tickled when Founder and CEO Jamba Dunn gave me virtual snaps for my work on LinkedIn (see below).

Updated Can Copy

We are function, hear us roar! Then open wide and sip yourself into a state of pure, tropical enlightenment. Lion’s Mane Mushroom fiercens your focus with memory and cognitive support. Turmeric takes root with primal anti-inflammatory properties. And succulent pineapple sweetens the deal to make our Roaring Pineapple™ the most ferociously fruity way to tame a rowdy mind.

On Shelves and On the Web

Pick up your can of the updated recipe wherever Rowdy Mermaid is sold, and browse our other curious flavors online now. And until next time, keep splashing. 🌊🧜‍♀️