Once Upon an Oat Bar…

10/02 2023

It’s official. I’m a lucky bish. I’ve been working with Once Upon a Farm for almost a year now, and I finally get to tell you all about it (all three-to-five of you who regularly read my blog ). I’m especially thrilled to announce the launch of our NEW Refrigerated Oat Bars, which I have to be honest, are the best new snack on the block. Call it “kiddie food” if you want, but these recipes are legit delish in a very grown-up way. 

These new bars are big news for several reasons. First, because they’re USDA Certified Organic and taste like little rectangles of nutrient-dense heaven. And second, because backed by America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Garner. Sidebar: It’s tough not to act like a total fangirl working on her brand, and I can’t say I’m 100% confident that I can keep my cool together much longer.

Anyway, back to the bars. Southern Living is talking about them. Nosh is talking about them. Food Business News is talking about them. And now I am too.

(Image Credits: Once Upon a Farm)

The Product Copy

A bowl of oatmeal may be warm and cozy, but it’s not exactly lunchbox or on-the-go snack material. That’s why I love these super cool refrigerated bars: all the YES without the mess. Here’s where we landed on the product detail copy:

Around here, we know that refrigeration is a natural way to keep things fresh, so we thought, “Why not bring this chill philosophy to snack bars?” Each naturally sweet, mess-free, Refrigerated Oat Bar is made with real fruit and veggie, no added sugar‡, and fueled with 100% whole grain oats. To top it off is a delicious icing for a bar that gives you the warm fuzzies, even when it’s straight from the fridge.

And this:

And these too:

Other Goings-On From the Farm

Beyond (and including) these daring, drizzled bars, I want to thank the entire Once Upon a Farm team for making me your resident copy farmer. From tagline exploration and flavor descriptions to tone of voice development and several other new product launches, it’s been an honor working with you. I can’t wait for lots more fruit, fun and veggies to come, Nicole, Emma, Emily and Katie.