01/11 2018

Valentine’s Day is a whole big thing around EBB Copywriting, so it makes sense that Merrick’s new Fresh Kisses products would start gracing the shelves so close to the day. I was lucky enough to spot both SKUs at my local Petsmart yesterday, and I’m absolutely lovestruck by the final packaging design.

It was my pleasure to help write the various claim language for this adorable brand on behalf of one of my favorite design and strategy agencies. From Double Scrubber, TwinBrush and about 100 other options (Double-Brush was the winner), to countless claims about fresh breath, clean mouths, detoxification and essential oils, a lot of work (and words) went into these packages. So, if you have pups and love to give them lots of x’s and o’s, grab a bag to make those smooches a little bit fresher and little less “ok, that’s enough…that’s enough…SERIOUSLY STOP LICKING ME!”