The Tupperware Party’s Just Getting Started.

12/21 2022

Tupperware® is a brand built to stand the test of time. It’s an icon in every sense of the word. For more than 75 years, Tupperware’s legendary products have earned the trust of families around the world by leading the the way in quality, design and innovation. That’s why it’s no wonder that their name has become synonymous with the entire food storage industry.

But not everything people call “Tupperware” is a true Tupperware brand product. There is only one original, and now you don’t have to know a rep or attend a Tupperware party to get it. That’s right, everyone. Tupperware products are now—for the first time ever—stocking the shelves and websites of leading retailers across the country, including the one and only Target.

Fresh copy with no freezer burn

I had to keep the news of this game-changing launch under wraps since I first started working with Tupperware at the beginning of this year, and it wasn’t easy. In fact, I had to hold the secret in tighter than a Tupperware container seals leftover lasagna. [Insert Tupperware burping noise here]

As a lifelong fan and user of the brand, it’s been an absolute honor working with David and the team on all the retail packaging copy and website content as well as doing a bunch of product naming, in-store signage and campaign headlines.

Stock your home with the original

My personal favorite product at the moment is the Heritage Get It All Set, a 30-piece collection of containers and lids with  the retro-style sunburst design that basically screams “Tupperware.” Because call me crazy, but I like opening my fridge and freezer to see fresh food contained in style. Plus, this is some brand-name sh**, people. No knockoffs with weak seals or short shelf lives here. Like I said at the start, Tupperware is built to last, and I look forward to a long-lasting partnership with this incredible client for many years to come.

Shop Tupperware in-store and online NOW at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeGoods and more. Even CNN can’t stop talking about it.