Raise Your Snack Esteem.

04/24 2017

I was feeling pre-tty, pre-tty confident on a recent hike up Mount Sanitas. Why, you ask? First, because I went with the whole team from Urban Canvas after we presented some tasty new work to Made In Nature. And second, because this little copywriter was fueled with the finest nature has to offer. Made In Nature Supersnacks come in all shapes and sizes: dried fruit, Figgy Pops™, fruit and nut fusions, kale chips, a whole snack-load of other organic stuff, and my current favorite: PowPow Nuts. Launched at this year’s Expo West, PowPow Nuts are the next big thing in…well…nuts.

Here’s a little copy teaser…
When you’re single, being tied down is the last thing on your mind. You get to be free, go far and have all the fun you can stomach. Made In Nature single-serve PowPow Nuts are like your edible wingmen—there when you need them to boost your solo mojo with just the right amount of organic oomph. They’re mighty. They’re nutty. They’re wildly crunchy nut blends of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts coated in power seeds, quinoa and spices bold enough to make any single snacker swoon. Now they’re on the prowl for hungry mouths, and yours looks like the perfect match.

I’ll keep you posted on when they’ll be in stores, and big thank you to Made In Nature for the new workout tank: Train Hard. Snack Harder.