Two New Ways To Get RAD.

04/20 2017

Let the fanfare blare and the hallelujahs bellow because the long awaited launch of two new RAD massage and mobility tools is upon us. Introducing the RAD Atom and the RAD Centre, a couple of spheres on a perilous mission to make tight muscles and visceral tension beg for almighty mercy.

RAD has been one of my favorite clients for years. In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of the team since they first launched with their cornerstone product, the RAD Roller, back in early 2014. As the product line continues to grow, EBB Copywriting is relentlessly at the ready to integrate this brand’s tough yet irreverent tone of voice (what we call RADitude) into everything from product names and web copy to packaging, taglines and more. In this case: all of it.

Check out RAD’s website to learn the secrets behind these unique bodywork tools and to order some your own. I’ll just say this: speaking as a marathoner with a knack for pushing my body past its limits, RAD really knows how to get in there and get the job done.