Get a Good Night’s Skoop.

08/15 2016

Light’s out, people. It’s time for bed, so let’s all celebrate a hard day’s work with a great night’s sleep courtesy of Healthy Skoop’s NEW Sleep Protein nutrition shake.

Wait, wait…a protein shake…at bedtime? You bet your zzz’s.

Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein was created by Dr. James Rouse (Skoop co-founder, naturopathic doctor and wellness visionary) to help people break the cycle of restlessness and spark a better night’s sleep. Each sweet-dreaming serving is loaded with the whole foods and plant-based protein your mind and body need at night, so it’s unlike any other shake you’ve ever sipped on.

I got to write the packaging copy as well as help out on some ads and branded content for the product. After all, the night is built for dreamers, so let’s all dream big, shall we?