I Want Candy.

06/05 2017

Don’t we all? Good think all of us can have Free2B‘s newest confection, Snack Breaks, because they’re top-12-allergen-free, vegan and so tasty you’ll scream. This premium snacking chocolate is crafted with care in an allergen-free facility with top-notch chocolate and superfood inclusions. Plus, you can chow down on three distinctive flavors: Dark Chocolate with Dried Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds, Dark Chocolate with Organic Crushed Peppermint and Rice Chocolate with Dried blueberries and Rice Crisps.

Sugar-coated thanks to Faven Creative for letting me jump in on the tagline and back-of-pack copy:

Break Into Better Snacking
Free2B isn’t just our name. It’s our delicious way of life. We’re committed to crafting snacks that are not only over-the-top tasty, but also free from the top 12 allergens. Now you’re free to share with everyone you want (or just keep them for yourself).

Freedom comes in many forms. Try our Cups and Bars to get your fix of “free-from” yum.