Get Your Axle In Gear.

06/25 2018

I admit it: As soon the team at RAD Roller told me they were launching “the RAD version of a foam roller,” I texted founder Mike Mallory and begged him to mail me one. Immediately if possible. It was as if my tired, marathoning legs’ prayers had been answered, and the RAD Axle is everything and more that anybody with a body could hope.

Now available for purchase on (with super cool copy, I might add *wink*), the RAD Axle and RAD Recovery Rounds are the latest additions to this brand’s growing family of bodywork tools. The Axel is RAD’s answer to all the too-hard and too-soft and too-long and not-right-shaped foam rollers out there while the Recovery Rounds have a softer touch to gently awaken your muscles vs. digging in on full blast.

So why not treat your web browser to a little “me” time and browse everything RAD has to offer? If you end up buying one of everything, no complaints here.