Power to Your Pasta.

02/20 2015

Looking for a plate of more nutritious noodles? Problem solved. My clients over at Ancient Harvest recently launched these three high-protein varieties of their delicious Supergrain Pasta™. Powered by a blend of quinoa and beans or lentils, every gluten-free serving touts the taste and texture of traditional pasta, but with 2x the protein and a healthy helping of fiber (7g). The Black Bean & Quinoa Elbows are my favorite. They have a rich, dark color that makes them look mega dramatic in a pasta salad or mac & cheese meal, plus you get all the benefits of their dual-superfood nutrition. Nice.

Pick some up now at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide, and keep an eye on the shelves of many more supermarkets soon. Packaging copy by EBB Copywriting.