Making Sense of Scents

02/25 2020

HEX Performance laundry detergents don’t just rid your stretchiest, stinkiest workout fabrics of nasty bacterial stink. Now they also make your threads smell like all different kinds of heaven. Yes siree, the new HEX scents have quickly become top sellers online, and I was the lucky little peach who got to name them. (I know…I have the coolest job. It’s almost not even fair.)

Brand naming projects can be complicated beasts, and scent/flavor naming is no different. The challenge is capturing the essence of a product experience in just one or two words (which is hard) in a way that appeals to the right consumer (harder) and still upholds the tone set forth by the brand (oy vey, amiright?). For these three scents, I was lucky enough to get solid background from the professional fragrance designer, which is also a job I wouldn’t mind having. She explained the top, middle and low notes of each blend, as well as the actual “ingredients” so that I could play with various naming combinations and styles.

Here’s where we landed:
Crisp Linen, a clean, beachy aroma with waves of fresh white lily
Lavender Fields, a sweet, powdery scent of vanilla and blissful lavender
Citrus Woods, a sporty fragrance that unites zesty citrus and smooth sandalwood

Sound like your kind of smells? Head to and hop to shopping!

(photo credit: HEX Instagram)