Escape the Ordinary with Split Fresh Cut Gelato.

03/13 2018

Behold a world beyond the bowl and far outside the waffle cone. Introducing Split™ Fresh Cut Gelato, a lusciously sweet getaway from the same old everyday. This fresh take on indulgence begins with ripe, hand-picked fruit from the sun-drenched Sundays River Valley of South Africa. There, long, hot days meet cool sea breezes to produce harvests so bountiful, their fruit is the stuff of legend. Split uses these fresh, simple ingredients to create craveably creamy, rich and flavorful gelato before hand-packing each scoop into real fruit shells for a naturally one-of-a-kind experience you can’t help but share.

Officially launched last week at Expo West, Split has been one of my all-time favorite brand naming projects. Massive thank you and mad respect to the creative powers that be at Sterling-Rice Group for having me along for the ride.

I had the chance to push my creativity in a plethora of ripe (pun intended) strategic directions, including escapism, South African cues, frozen indulgence and “sweet enough to share.” Split Fresh Cut won out in the end thanks to the product’s split-in-half fruit shell servings and the dual meaning of the word split: to escape + “fresh cut” as a new-to-the-category descriptor inspired by language commonly used for colorful, just-plucked flowers.

Sampling several flavors of Split during the naming process was definitely a perk, and my taste buds fell hard for this frozen treat. Stay tuned for updates on where to find Split on shelves near you, and thanks again to SRG for your partnership and mind-blowing design. You make Split look guuuuuuuuuud.