New Züm XR Packaging On Shelves Now.

12/04 2012

Züm XR is unlike any other sports drink on the market. Actually, it’s unlike any other beverage of any kind. Designed for endurance athletes, but ideal for everyday energy-starved working stiffs, Züm XR’s cutting-edge, time release technology provides consistent caffeine delivery for 3–5 unstoppable hours. The magic’s in the tasteless, high-performance energy beads.

In partnership with my wonderful client Epicenter Creative, we recently launched all-new packaging and messaging for this exciting endurance beverage. Still to come will (hopefully) be an updated website, but if you want to get your sip on right away, check out the current site to place your order and learn more about the product. Or you can hit up any number of stores statewide—Colorado only for right now…sorry, out-of-towners—and get the energy you need to train harder, go farther and feel better doing it.

Where other products hit hard and then quickly diminish into a crash, Züm XR provides powerful, lasting energy to go beyond. (That bold means it’s the tagline…written and now promoted via me.) The patent-pending formula is made with natural ingredients and all-natural caffeine from green tea extract. Plus, it’s GMO-free, gluten-free and comes in four refreshingly delicious fruit flavors. Mmmmm.