Gardein Inside

09/20 2020

Nothing makes me happier (or hungrier) than working on brands that I personally support. Gardein is one such brand, and I’ve been a fan of their plant-based proteins for years. That’s why it’s such an honor to be included on projects for this plant-based pioneer’s latest innovations — from the Ultimate Burger and their line of hearty, vegan soups, to what I’ll affectionately refer to as “Gardein Inside.”

Gardein Inside

Now the whole world can chow down on Gardein plant-based proteins inside some of the most delicious and satisfying meals in the freezer case. Marie Callender’s famous pot pies now have tasty vegetarian options with Gardein, along with Healthy Choice Power Bowls and Birds Eye Voila! It’s like a plant-based party and everyone’s invited. I for one have RSVP’d “Yes!” on several occasions already.

Check out the copy I got to work on with Conagra’s talented teams below, and head out to your local grocer to find these hot (well, actually…freezing) items on shelves now.

Marie Callender’s Pot Pies

Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Bird’s Eye Voila!