The Grain-Free Gettin’ Is Good.

07/17 2020

Oh heeeeeey, grain-freetarians. Looking for something to put a little more love in your breakfast? I’ve got just the thing.

Spoons, Initiate Grain-Free Contact.

I was as happy as a clam at high tide to work with designer Alicia Potter and the team at Love Grown Foods to launch their new line of grain-free cereals. Now, before you totally write these off, you should know that they do NOT follow the old rules of grain-free eating. Instead of dense and hard, these o’s are light and crispy. Instead of bland and boring, they’re craveably flavored with only the good ingredients, like cinnamon, sweet potatoes, honey, nuts and just 4g of coconut sugar per serving. And did I mention 10g of plant-based protein per serving? Yeah. That too.

(GIF credit: Love Grown Foods)

Packaging and Website Copy

We knew these boxes had to stand out (a grain-free cereal that’s actually good is kind of big news). But we also wanted them to fit within the general design and tone structure we’d set during our brand makeover last year. As a result, you still get the energetic milk splash on the front, and we used the back of pack for a fun story and ingredient callouts.

For the website, we dialed up the product benefits and clean ingredients to generate interest and clicks. You can explore all four delicious flavors at, buy them on Love Grown’s Amazon store, and look for them at Sprout’s Markets starting…like, right now.

In conclusion, anyone who ever said that cereal has to have grains is about to eat their words. And luckily, Love Grown makes them delicious. Thanks for reading. Now I’m gonna go pour a bowl and binge watch some more Ozark. Who’s with me?

Update 12/30/20

Just spotted on-shelf at my local Sprouts!