Hello Ginger. Well, Hello to You Too.

03/01 2023

Ginger is so hot right now, and it’s not just because it hits with the perfect amount of spice. This wild root has vitality-boosting benefits for days, and my rambunctious client Rowdy Mermaid can’t resist the way it flirts with floral Japanese yuzu and bright, refreshing lemon in their NEW Hello Ginger™ kombucha.

Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside, doesn’t it? Same here. So, imagine my excitement when I got to help with the naming and pack copy.

Image credits: Rowdy Mermaid website

Can Copy

Hello. Yes, it’s me you’re looking for. Our Hello Ginger™ greets your senses with waves of whole-body wellness and the sweet heat of stimulating Ginger. You’ll also meet fragrant Japanese Yuzu as it mingles with bright, refreshing Lemon to lift your body, mind and spirit. Now, enough with the introductions. Dive in! And remember to recycle when you say goodbye.

Being thirsty isn’t always a bad thing…

If that copy makes your mouth water and your mermaid tail tingle, head to your local Rowdy retailer to get taste for yourself.