Lucky Me.

07/19 2016

A leisurely morning stroll through Lucky’s Market quickly became a full-on search party to hunt down some of the store-brand products I’ve had the pleasure to work on. Hummuses? Yep. Salsas? Uh-huh. Roasted red peppers? You bet your ass.

Check out the labels and feel free to chuckle. I get to write the fun little headlines on the front of each pack. Click images to enlarge.


Sriracha Hummus: One Hot Number — Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus: It’s a Kick
Original Hummus: That’s Classic — Garlic Lover’s Hummus: Vampire Slayer
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Get Fired Up

Sweet Roasted Red Peppers: Red Bite District


Mild Salsa: It’s Cool, Baby — Black Bean & Corn Salsa: Salsa of the Corn
Hot Salsa: Some Like It Hot


Roasted Green Chile Fresh Salsa: Green Means Go
Fire Roasted Tomato Fresh Salsa: You Say Tomato. We Say Awesome.
Verde Fresh Salsa: It’s Not Easy Being Green
Medium Fresh Salsa: You’re Getting Warmer