Shameless Sweetness

04/16 2020

How come dessert gets all the chocolatey attention? Made In Nature says, “When your sweet tooth calls, don’t let it go to voicemail.” Answer with the first fudge approved — and blatantly encouraged — for all-day snacking without shame: ALL NEW Ancient Fudge.

I’m so excited to announce the launch of this exciting innovation from my longtime client partner, Made In Nature. Ancient Fudge is a new take on traditional fudge: soft, melty bites of organic crushed cacao and dried fruit that are sinlessly innocent yet devilishly indulgent. They’re also fully plant-based with no added sugar or fats, so now you can have your fudge and eat it to. Take that, dessert.

It was my pleasure to help write the copy for the packaging and website for this tasty launch. And now you can find Ancient Fudge for sale at and on Amazon in five irresistible flavors.

Almond Sea Salt – Cacao blended with roasted almonds and a dash of sea salt
Hazelnut Sea Salt – Cacao blended with smooth hazelnuts and a dash of sea salt
Raspberry – Cacao blended with sweet, red raspberries
Peanut Butter – Cacao blended with crunchy, roasted peanuts
Costa Rican Espresso – Cacao blended with rich, aromatic Costa Rican espresso beans

Hungry yet?

So, if you’re looking for perfect way to sweeten up your work-from-home snack routine without packing on the “quarantine fifteen”, I think you just found your spirit snack. Enjoy!

(Image Credits: and Facebook)