On the Plus Side

08/12 2022

Gut quiz time. Did you know that 70% of your immune system resides in your gut? The experts at Activia have known this sexy fact since they started 20 years ago, so it’s no surprise that they plussed-up their new Activia+ (see what they did there?) with vitamins C, D & zinc to help support your immune system right at the source. After all, today needs all of us to be at our best, and according to the probiotic pros, your gut is where it all begins. Activia+ Immune System yogurt drinks are just what you need to get on with your bad self…in a good way.

My gut tells me every day how lucky I am to have worked on the recent reinvigoration of the Activia brand, as well as this new product launch. I helped with product naming and got to write the pack copy seen below, which inspired the “Plus side” communications used to promote these delicious drinkable yogurts in store, online and on social media.

With gut love…

Thank you a BILLION times (like the billions of live and active probiotics in every Activia+) to the team at Danone for having me along for this gutsy endeavor. Lauren, Lindsay, Amanda…all ya’all. 💚 And for all you readers out there, head to the yogurt section of your favorite store and grab a pack of these tasty dailies. Your gut will thank you.

Mini Blog: Fresh Clean Name Change

I don’t feel like I could write a whole blog about this juuuuuuust yet, so here’s a little mini blog. A mi’log, if I may.

Fresh Clean Tees is now Fresh Clean Threads, and I feel as lucky as a brand new v-neck to have helped Interact help this brand help itself to an updated tone of voice. The changes are rolling out as we speak, so keep an eye on their site and socials to get a peek.

“Feeling good looks great on you.”
–Fresh Clean Threads (via EBB Copywriting 🤓)