Bee Beautiful. Bee Bjorn’s.

07/19 2021

Every once in awhile, I’ll work on a project and never know what happened to it. Then *POOF* out of nowhere, I’ll happen across it in a store, in conversation, or in this case, at the airport.

While venturing out on my first journey away from home since December of 2019 (thanks a lot, COVID), I spied with my little eyes a gorgeous kiosk of Björn’s Colorado Honey in my terminal at DIA. They dubbed it the Honey Boutique, and it features all kinds of buzz-worthy edibles and body care products, which I was lucky enough to work on with the awe-inspiring Oblique Design back in — wait for it — March 2017.

Pretty Packaging

The gorgeous tubs and tubes are the masterworks of Janice Ferrante and her design team, and I was lucky enough to pitch in on the copy. From the rhyming and impactful tagline (DERIVED FROM THE HIVE) to the product intros and descriptive titles, I loved writing every word for this brand and it’s lovely founders, Pontus and Lara.

A Heritage in Hives

Björn’s has built a legacy on bringing the wonder of bees to the world of body care, and their luxurious products are the proof. Their naturally nourishing formulas are inspired by the brand’s Swedish roots and crafted with Colorado honey, beeswax and even royal jelly. Many of their items also harness the potent wellness properties of propolis, a natural substance produced by bees to protect and purify the hive. Björn’s sustainably sources their propolis from a beekeeper in Brazil and then craft their formulas with care and by hand in Boulder, Colorado to bring this age-old remedy within everyday reach.

Put some renewing, rejuvenating, replenishing bliss in your kiss with our exclusive natural Lip Balm crafted with sustainably sourced Brazilian propolis and moisture-binding beeswax from our Colorado hive. Propolis is honeybees’ self-made secret weapon, and now it’s yours to enjoy in all its nourishing glory. This deeply hydrating formula is rich but light with a delicate touch of sunflower oil to smooth and protect lips. Use it daily to plump your pout with silky hydration that never feels heavy, and count on the bee-based superpowers within to soothe chapped or cracked lips and cold sores any time they strike.

Shop now or forever hold your bees.

Good lord that’s a cheesy headline…but I’m tired from traveling, so cut me some slack. Head to the Björn’s Colorado Honey website to shop the above body care products, additional personal care items, delicious local honeys, candles and more.

Huge thanks to Janice for having me on this project, and fingers cross we’ll get to collaborate again soon.