Pact Packs

Pact‘s new brand and updated packaging are officially out in the world, and I recently spied the righteously organic collection at Whole Foods Markets in Longmont and Boulder.

The clean, green look and logo complement the brand’s “organic cotton, only and always” creed while the simplistic design brings our new positioning to life: You’re the best part of any outfit anyway, so Pact provides head-to-toe, planet-conscious basics that let you wear your true self on your sleeve. And your feet. And legs. And butt.

I’ve loved working on this feel-good apparel brand — from brand positioning and social campaigns to packaging and web copywriting — and I’m not lying when I say that half my closet is Pact at this point. Seriously though, even the dress I’m wearing in this photo and (TMI alert: the undies underneath) are Pact. Want to rock my easy-breezy maxi dress look? You may have missed this pattern from last season, but they have plenty of colors and styles to choose from online or at Whole Foods Markets across the country.

Could This Packaging BEE Any Cuter?

Honey Bunchies is a company that Faven Creative and I have been “flirting” with for years, and I’m thrilled to report that the adorable brand update we did for them is now IRL. So, I guess that means Honey Bunchies finally agreed to marry us 🙂

These insanely delicious snack bars are basically Winnie the Pooh’s fantasy. 42% of each bar is pure honey, and the rest is crunchy nuts, sunflower kernels and a whole lot of love. They’re made right here in Colorado by a passionate family that I’m now proud to call my spirit spouse.

It was an honor to help with the full packaging update, including flavor naming, wrapper copy and display box messaging, which will hit shelves this June. So, watch for the buzz to begin at your favorite store or buy online now at You can also get a little taste of the new copy and see the previous branding below.

There’s only one Honey Bunchies.
Well, actually two. First, there are our bee-lightful handcrafted bars that are 42% pure honey and 100% sweet, salty deliciousness. And second, there’s the namesake. We’re a family company — owned and operated since 2010 — and when Dad created these sensational snacks, no title felt more fitting than his loving nickname for Mom: Honey Bunchie.

Previous Branding:

Don’t Just Eat. Win.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or Rocky Mountain), you probably know that we have a little football team here called The Denver Broncos. Some of the biggest names in the game have played for and passed through this franchise, including John Elway, Peyton Manning and the tank of a man known as Mark “Stink” Schlereth. These days, you can hear Mark sportscasting on ESPN radio and TV, but what you may not know about him is that he has a serious thing for green chili.

A few years ago, Mark’s landscaper buddy David Bloom had a pretty righteous chili recipe that he oh-so-generously shared with the Stink. Mark fell for it. Hard. And then, badda-bing, badda-boom, the Stinkin’ Good Chili brand was born — a partnership between this NFL superstar and his friend with a ‘green-chili thumb’. (Good one, Erin.)

Last year, alongside Alicia Potter of Faven Creative, I had the chance to give this growing brand the professional creative treatment it so needed and deserved. We worked up a range of strategic brand directions from which we landed in a place of sport, achievement and victory: Don’t Just Eat. Win. This spicy phrase is now Stinkin’ Good’s tagline and their game plan for the future as they go into queso and other categories beyond the four green chilis that I helped launch.

(Click to enlarge tub image above and read copy.)

Keep your eyes peeled for the touchdown-worthy logo and visual branding that Alicia designed (all packaging and promo copy by yours truly, including flavor names like “The Cluck” and “This Little Piggy”), and head to to see which stores in your area are stinking up their shelves with the good stuff. Hearty Garden is my personal fave, but you’ll have to try them all to make up your own mind. Oh! And don’t forget to ‘bring the stink’ to your next tailgate party, get-together or picnic. Every bite will have the whole crowd cheering…like for the Broncos…at the Super Bowl.

These football analogies doing anything for you?

Ok fine. But buy some chili anyway.

Foraging for Three Bears

Is it just me, or can you hardly swing cereal spoon without hitting a new brand of oatmilk these days? Seriously, I was just at the store and in just a few month’s time, this category has gone from zero to awesome with brands like Oat-ly, Planet Oat and even Quaker coming into the mix. And while Three Bears may not be in the milk case…yet (maybe I should talk to someone about that), this brand is bringing nutritious, delicious oats to pretty much every other part of your daily rations.

With four flavors of satisfying oat bars, four not-too-big-not-too-small oatmeal cups and six fruit-and-oat squeezies, Three Bears is as versatile as it is adorable. Kudos to Alicia Potter of Faven Creative on her masterful design work. It was an honor to lead the brand vision and copywriting for this bad boy, and an exciting treat to see them on-shelf at my local Safeway today. Growl on, 1908 Brands.














Roar, Vegans, Roar…for Blue Herbivore!

This is a cool one, guys. Especially if you’re like me and can’t seem to get enough plant-based flavor through that hole in your head. Side note: This pro-vegan message is brought to you by my increasing fear of our planet’s health thanks to an article I saw in the New York Times this morning, plus about a billion other articles, facts, films and sources. For real, people…just switching your snack from beef to wheat can make a difference.

But enough politics. (I swear that was the first time I did that, but this is getting SCARY.) I want to introduce you to the forever flavorful and the wildly wheat-based Blue Herbivore, previously known to loyal fans across Arizona as Maggi Vegan Jerkee. What started as a farmers market brand in 2017 has now undergone a full brand refresh, and I happen to think the results speak for themselves.


New back-of-pack copy:
Hello, friend. The wildly satisfying vegan jerky you’re about to enjoy is more than meets the eye (or ‘meats’ the mouth). Each boldly seasoned batch roars with flavor and empowers you with the plant-based nutrition you need to bring your best self to the table. Or meeting. Or workout. Or party. Or binge-a-thon of that show you love. Because at Blue Herbivore, we believe that plants have the power to fuel your potential anytime and anywhere you have the chance to chew.

That “chew” part is thanks to this jerky’s texture because this stuff’s got BITE. It chews like real meat, holds up its structure as you snack, and satisfies the desire for clean protein and nutrition from sources that don’t have a mother.

But why wheat, you ask? Good question. To date, vegan diet has been dominated with soy-based meat alternatives, and Blue Herbivore is here to prove that soy is just the starting line of plant-based protein snacks. Seitan (aka “wheat meat”) is ready to claim its rightful spot in the meatless jerky category and beyond, and Alicia Potter of Faven Creative literally could not have done a better job bringing it all to life with this expressive and explosive design. My roles included the new brand positioning, packaging copy, flavor naming and some light brand name consulting.

Our clients tell us that their website and storefront are coming VERY soon, so I’ll def update this blog when they are. Until then, just get ready: a plant-based roar is about to reverberate through America in a BIG way.

Previous packaging for reference:

I’m Pregnant…with HUGE News.

Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gaaaaaaaaaawd. I am stoked-as-a-stork to announce the brand new, just-born Bundle Organics™ brand. After a whirlwind of positioning, copywriting, photoshooting, product naming and collaboration with the design team at 1908 Brands and the ridiculously fabulous Whitney Port, we have officially launched!

This splash page is a mere placeholder and sneak peek of the full-fledged site to come, but you know I can’t resist a little teaser. As you can read, Bundle Organics is a brand of flavorful, functional snacks and beverages for every stage of motherhood. From fertility and pregnancy to nursing and beyond, we’ve got snack bars and bites, plus creamy smoothie mixes, effervescent fizzy drinks and sensational teas (which are now available online via BuyBuyBaby) to fit every mom’s taste.

New moms and moms-to-be, def check it out. And if you’re so inclined, join us on Instagram and Facebook to hashtag your baby bumps off with our empowering new tagline #MomAsYouAre. More to come very soon…

You Razzin’ Me?

As I crammed my kisser with yet another bag of the newest organic Supersnacks from my client Made In Nature, I read the packaging copy and realized that—gasp!—I never blogged about it. How dare I, so now let me make it up to you…

If you like raspberries, Made In Nature’s new Razzy Pops are like unfiltered snack crack to the tenth degree. They’re a veritable motherlode of berried treasure (hehe), and they happen to feature one of my favorite flavor stories that I’ve written for the brands 50+ SKUs. Check out the copy below and then snag a bag of your own. I’m not sharing mine.

Some snacks try to curb the smack of a raspberry. You know…keep it under wraps so it doesn’t cause any trouble. Not Made In Nature, and certainly not these tangy Red Raspberry Razzy Pops. You see, mellow is far from our forte, so we make these babies bait your appetite with bite.

Ferociously tart yet sumptuously sweet raspberry flavor will overcome your cravings with every fiercely fruity chew. We also add cranberries, cherries, crunchy almonds and crispy grains to create a tasty, textural explosion that makes your mouth want to pucker—first because it’s zingy, and second because it’s good enough to smooch.

Get Your Axle In Gear.

I admit it: As soon the team at RAD Roller told me they were launching “the RAD version of a foam roller,” I texted founder Mike Mallory and begged him to mail me one. Immediately if possible. It was as if my tired, marathoning legs’ prayers had been answered, and the RAD Axle is everything and more that anybody with a body could hope.

Now available for purchase on (with super cool copy, I might add *wink*), the RAD Axle and RAD Recovery Rounds are the latest additions to this brand’s growing family of bodywork tools. The Axel is RAD’s answer to all the too-hard and too-soft and too-long and not-right-shaped foam rollers out there while the Recovery Rounds have a softer touch to gently awaken your muscles vs. digging in on full blast.

So why not treat your web browser to a little “me” time and browse everything RAD has to offer? If you end up buying one of everything, no complaints here.

Snack on the Wild Side.

What started as Veggie-Go’s™ snacks has now grown into a bold new brand bursting with fresh flavor (and ideas). Ladies and gentlemen: Wildmade™.

Since veggies are no longer a part of every recipe, this awesomely organic, Boulder-based snack brand has fittingly evolved its name and branding to match. Veggie-Go’s strips and bites will still be available under the same name with a Wildmade tag, and the brand’s first fruit-only product (the first handcrafted fruit rolls made with nothing but real fruit) has officially hit shelves with three ridiculously delish flavors, the updated name/logo, and a tasty package I have to remind myself not to eat. Only what’s inside, Erin. Only what’s inside.

I was thrilled to take on the naming and copy for this project alongside the team at Sterling-Rice Group, as well as the va-va-vibrant website update with my buddies from Urban Canvas. So if you want to do your mouth a favor, head to your local grocer and snack into the unexpected. You’re one of the wild ones now.

Meet Plant Perfect. Don’t Meat Them.

I seriously might squeal via blog because I can hardly contain my excitement right now. I am so proud to introduce the hot new vegan brand that’s about to blow the roof off the freaking world. Ladies and gentlemen: Plant Perfect™.

I’m going to try to keep this short in the interest of reader attention spans, so I’ll just say that this has project has impacted me heavily. Like, with the weight of our entire planet. #FoodTruth

Professionally, I’d like to FedEx about a billion thank yous to Alicia Potter of Faven Creative for bringing me in as her partner for this project. It’s been one of the highlights of my career to build the Plant Perfect brand together, from positioning and tone of voice development to tagline, manifesto, packaging, website copywriting and more. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love what we made and how many hours I plan to spend standing in front of the butter aisle waiting for our creation to hit local shelves. Thank you, Alicia. Your designs are like perfect little unicorns that, in this case, scream at you to pay attention to them in the coolest way possible.

And from a personal perspective, I just really want everyone I know to try this stuff. Seriously. I was so inspired by the vegan feast that chef MJ prepared for us at our brand workshop that I am now 80% vegan, and have been for nearly a year. And yes, there is such a thing as 80% vegan—even 5% or 13%—because like we say at Plant Perfect, “We’re all a little bit vegan.” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but it does have to be drool-inducingly delicious. Big hugs and high fives to the Pivotal Foods brand man (and card-carrying vegan) Mark Garrison and the lovely miss MJ for your endless trust, enthusiasm and willingness to let us slingshot Plant Perfect into a galaxy that no plant-based brand has gone before.

Plant Perfect is here, and it’s UN-VEGAN-BELIEVABLE™.

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